About waypointz

About waypointz

Our Philosophy

Central to our business philosophy is the firm belief that you can do your business to your own best benefit if you are respected by the customers and partners you seek for making the effort to understand them.

Clear knowledge of a business environment, its players, regional differences and some of the not-so-obvious factors – like histories, prejudices or moods – make waypointz Consulting uniquely positioned to assist you. Helping you find the way to connect with key people in positions who will help you make your business succeed.

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About us

waypointz Consulting is a German-American team based near Munich with the goal of providing your company with tailored, competent advice from a perspective which benefits your own objectives. Close to the market and close to your customers.
Getting to Know Your Market
Looking at any market from abroad can appear deceptively simple. It can also be horribly confusing.

Who can help you produce your product? Where is the best location to manufacture your product or to gain a foothold in the market? Which existing industries or companies can help you cross the line to success? Who are your competitors? Is the message you send consistent with the service or product you need or offer?

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David Ziegler
Senior Consultant

Academically qualified in both computer aided engineering (CAE) and mechanical engineering, David obtained his leadership and training skills serving as an officer in the German armed forces. During his military career, he served as adjutant at the German embassy in Thailand and also had the unique opportunity to work as a research assistant for projects in the field of electro active polymers at Ben Gurion University in Israel. Complementary to his work as a consultant, David plans and organizes lectures and courses at the German Army Reconnaissance School in Münster, Germany. Internships in the German automobile industry and an MBA round off his academic qualifications.
Privately, David donates time to assist in the care of severely handicapped children. He is an avid Alpine sportsman and is well-travelled worldwide. He speaks English fluently as well as some French in addition to his native German.
Thomas Tatum
Managing Director

Thomas’ career began as an airline pilot some 30 years ago. Nearly 7,000 hours of flight experience later, he discovered an appreciation for the commercial side of the aviation industry. As Sales Director for two major US aircraft manufacturers, he was involved in the sale of 300 business jets to European companies and high net worth individuals. Schooled in the US and Germany, he holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations. With his studies focused on the topic of economic development in Islamic societies, Thomas travelled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa during this time. In the late 1990s, a two year commercial apprenticeship with a major British-German aircraft engine manufacturer enabled him to gain the skills necessary to understand how companies plan, structure and manage purchases of infrastructure investments and services.
In addition to his professional activities, Thomas is a published novelist and enjoys good food, art, music and travel. He speaks German and English fluently as well as some Arabic. Having visited over 60 countries over the years, his next goal is to learn Spanish!